Sports Massage Therapy

Karen is a Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist and has also attended courses with the well renowned Susan Findlay to study Transverse Soft Tissue Release (TSSR) and neck, jaw & chest massage including intra-oral (extremely effective for those who grind teeth and suffer from headaches). The main objective of TSSR is to elicit a return of the muscle memory by engaging the nervous system and resetting the affected muscles back to their original resting length. It is very relaxing & incredibly effective in easing tightness & tension.

Karen incorporates her knowledge of body movement (yoga) to provide a comprehensive recovery programme for her clients.

Pre-consultation health questionnaire (COVID-19)

Please read the Pre-consultation health questionnaire (COVID-19) & if you answer YES to any of the questions please do not attend a reflexology treatment or yoga class. Get in touch to discuss any concerns & to reschedule.

Sports therapy massage is not just for athletes!!

Sports massage therapy is suitable for sports people & non-athletes as it can help with injuries, chronic pain, muscle aches & restricted range of motion.


Benefits of sports massage therapy include:

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    Encourages blood & lymph circulation

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    Maintaining optimum level of soft tissue performance

  • skin

    Increased relaxation of soft tissues

  • skeleton

    Increased joint range of motion

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    Improved fascial mobility

  • muscle

    Realignment of muscle fibres

  • lotus

    Increased sense of wellbeing

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    Alleviates pain

  • bedicon

    Better Sleep

If you are currently undergoing medical treatment (including physiotherapy), you must consult with your medical / health professional regarding the suitability of attending a sports massage treatment.