Sports Massage Therapy

Karen is a Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist and has also attended courses with the well-renowned Susan Findlay to study Transverse Soft Tissue Release (TSSR) and neck, jaw & chest massage including intra-oral (extremely effective for those who grind teeth and suffer from headaches). The main objective of TSSR is to elicit a return of the muscle memory by engaging the nervous system and resetting the affected muscles back to their original resting length. It is very relaxing & incredibly effective in easing tightness & tension.

Karen is also qualified in Hot Stones Sports Massage which can help to relieve pain & tension and soothe joint pain. The heat of the stones relaxes the muscles more effectively increasing the recovery of muscular pain & aids depth in the massage.

Karen incorporates her knowledge of body movement & rehabilitation (yoga) to provide a comprehensive recovery programme for her clients.

If you are currently undergoing medical treatment or recovering from an injury, you must consult with your medical/health professional, or physiotherapist regarding the suitability of attending a sports massage treatment.

Please do not attend treatment if you are feeling unwell.

Sports therapy massage is not just for athletes!!

Sports massage therapy is suitable for sports people & non-athletes as it can help with injuries, chronic pain, muscle aches & restricted range of motion.


Hot Stone Sports Massage

Hot stones sports massage involves the placement of hot stones on different parts of the body to help loosen the muscles, releasing tension and stress without the added pressure / intensity of a traditional massage.

The stones may be left in place or used as massage tools and the deep heat has a relaxing, healing effect on the body. This is a wonderful alternative to a traditional sports massage & can be used with other sports massage therapy techniques including soft tissue release & trigger point work.


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Karen’s diary is now operated through an online booking system. To receive access to the link for the system, please contact Karen.