Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary health therapy that can help to promote deep relaxation and wellbeing by reducing stress & helping the body to return to a state of equilibrium or homeostasis. It is a touch therapy that is based on the theory that specific points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas, organs & systems of the body. It can be used safely alongside standard healthcare to promote better health but is not an alternative to medical treatment and it is not diagnostic.

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Karen offers the following treatments:


The whole foot gets worked during every treatment by stimulating the reflexes (specific points on the feet) to trigger a relaxation response in the body. The treatment is aimed at restoring & rebalancing the body. It is incredibly relaxing and helps to calm the body & mind.


Reflexology can have a positive impact on an athlete’s performance and physical & emotional health by assisting in the recovery process, helping to reduce pain and encouraging overall relaxation.



Maternity reflexology supports mother & baby during this special time by providing a space where the mother can focus on taking some time for herself. Maternity reflexology encourages deep relaxation, reduces anxiety & feelings of stress and helps to improve quality of sleep.

The science bit……..some published research:
2 studies have shown that reflexology in pregnancy significantly reduced pain during labour & reduced the length of the first stage of labour

Reviewing the effect of reflexology on the pain and certain features and outcomes of the labor on the primiparous women - PubMed (

The effect of reflexology on pain intensity and duration of labor on primiparas - PubMed (

One study has shown reduced pain & stress levels during labour for women with low back pain or pelvic girdle pain

Reflexology: A randomised controlled trial investigating the effects on beta-endorphin, cortisol and pregnancy related stress - PubMed (



Facial reflexology focuses on reflex points on the face which helps to stimulate the body’s innate healing mechanisms with the additional benefit of more radiant, firmer skin & a glowing complexion. Other benefits include a wonderful sense of calmness & relaxation & it can help relieve sinusitis/congestion and headaches.

If you are currently undergoing medical treatment or you have medical issues associated with pregnancy, you must consult with your medical / health professional regarding the suitability of attending a reflexology treatment.


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