Yoga Classes

Due to the ongoing changes & restrictions that are in place for teaching yoga classes, all face-to-face classes have been suspended until there is a definitive date that allows for the normal & safe reopening of classes.

The online yoga schedule is still in place providing you with a range of classes to suit all levels.

All classes must be booked online using the booking system.

In this current climate practices such as yoga, mindfulness & breath work can alleviate stress & anxiety, improve mobility & balance and anchor us during difficult times. The online classes can help us to remain CONNECTED, COMPASSIONATE & CALM.

Information on all of the classes can also be found on my booking system and any updates on classes & treatments can be found on my Instagram & Facebook page.

Pre-consultation health questionnaire (COVID-19)

Please read the Pre-consultation health questionnaire (COVID-19) & if you answer YES to any of the questions please do not attend a reflexology treatment or yoga class. Get in touch to discuss any concerns & to reschedule.


Karen provides yoga classes in the Armagh area and across Northern Ireland for stress management for the employees of companies, organisations and public bodies as part of their well-being programme.

An online class package can be made available to any organisation to support employees during this difficult & stressful time.

Karen has worked with a number of organisations such as Southern Health & Social Care Trust, Ulster GAA and a number of schools.

For more information or to discuss how this could be incorporated into an existing programme, please contact Karen.



Karen provides the following treatments:

General reflexology treatment (feet) : £30 for one hour
Advanced Facial Reflexology: £50 for one hour
Advanced Facial Reflexology & feet combination treatment: £75 for one hour & 45 minutes

Please contact Karen to schedule an appointment.

Reflexology is not a substitute for medical treatment and it is not a diagnostic system. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.

If you are currently undergoing medical treatment, you must consult with your medical / health professional regarding the suitability of attending a reflexology treatment or yoga class.


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